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"Pray - Listen - Obey - Trust - Wait."

"Masking Feelings"
A poem by Gloria O. Davila
"A Perfect Imperfect Love" by Gloria O. Davila

Thank you for listening to a poem in my new book "A Perfect Imperfect Love." The first book of a three part series.

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Lost, heartbroken and devastated the day I buried my husband. What now? He was everything to me. My days bled into months; months bled into years. Little did anyone know I wanted to give up. After all, who was going to love me as he loved me? Little did I know by my husband’s passing I would find true everlasting love.

May 19, 2015 my life changed forever. I became a child of God. I found what I had been searching for all my life. True everlasting love.

I pray that as you open this first book of a three part series it will open your heart to receive what He desires to give to you.

To God be the glory. 

When I received Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior I knew I was forgiven.  However, the enemy was attacking me by reminding me of my past.  My mind became a battlefield.
The poems in this book help me begin to heal.  I began to accept things for what they were, forgive others and myself, let go of my past and move forward to my future.
Every day I have a choice to make.  Will I follow Jesus and believe what God says about me or not?  I chose to believe God sees me as A Perfect Love.  Why?  Jesus.

What people are saying about Book One
"A Perfect Imperfect Love"

OMG! I felt like crying after I read this. Your responses truly have encouraged my heart. Sharing these with you all has been a journey, but now seeing the impact, it has set a resolve in me to continue writing and encouraging others with the words from Heaven that have encouraged me. God Bless!